Blog site for FUNK GUMBO RADIO. Rockin' Hard In A Funky Place! Broadcasting live 24/7 from Hollywood, CA., FUNK GUMBO RADIO is your ticket to great funk/rock music, playing all your favorites of today and yesterday: Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Janelle Monae, TVOTR, Lenny Kravitz, Sevendust, Ben Harper, Slash, Tom Morello, and many others. Every day we are introducing radio listeners across the nation and in over eighty countries to great new indie bands like Noiseaux, Pillow Theory, Baby Baby, The FountNHead, The Skins,The Moses Gun, and many others. Good luck finding this great collection of artists on PANDORA or anywhere else. Howard Hobson & David Watts are co-partners in the station. They met at the USC Film School and have been friends ever since. Click on the widget and start listening. It's always free!!
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Galaxy Of Tar,
1% Of Static

SONG OF THE DAY: Galaxy of Tar (@GalaxyOfTar) - “1% of Static”

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Barreta album drops 02-19-13

Get free download here: 

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